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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 14, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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doppler 7, fog along the coast. the visibility has been reduced up in the north bay to about a quarter of a mile. four miles on the coast. and we are looking at temperatures cool in the north bay, 48 degrees, it's 51 in hayward and fremont. we will look for a few more clouds today. call it partly cloudy. the winds picking up at the
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coast. they'll be breezy at times elsewhere. temperatures in the low 60s by noontime. not bad, but cool on the coast. mid 50s. and by the afternoon, we're still dry, numbers in the low 70s in the warmest locations. a good five to seven degrees cooler than yesterday. we're tracking a cold front moving through the bay area for your monday. i'll have that coming up. chris? >> thank you. in the east bay, dozens of people including infants, children, and adults became sick after being expose today to pepper spray in concord. police were sent to the jungle. that's an indoor play place just after 7:00 last night. officers say the pepper spray was used during a fight involving five to ten young people. they left before police arrived. about 25 to 30 people became sick. some vomitted, others had difficulty breathing. medics treated and released everyone. in east oakland, two people are dead after a hit-and-run crash. it happened just before 7:30 last night at 25th avenue and foothill boulevard.
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abc spoke to some witnesses. >> we are starting cprme. we need more units out here. >> can we get more units -- >> reporter: oakland police arrived at 25th and foothill to find three people severely injured in a hit and run. one was a 7-year-old boy. >> we saw people, they were stopping on the ground. >> reporter: roberto knows the mother and young boy. he goes to school with his son. they were crossing the street when they were hit. the driver fled the scene. mattias said the family laid in the street for some team before police arrived >> there's no word to explain. yeah, it's sad. >> no money in the city. we never have money for safety here. >> reporter: alma chavez also knewed the family. she's lived here more than 23 years. cars racing down the street has always been a problem, she says, with speeds reaching over 60 miles per hour. she's even collected signatures to petition the city to put in traffic lights because she says
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still no change. >> when they run the last light on 28, they just happen to run like crazy. the last -- next light is on 23rd. that's a long, long space to have lights in this boulevard. >> reporter: abc7 news. in the south bay, a woman was hit and killed by a driver. it happened on mountainview near shoreline boulevard before 8:30 last night. police say the driver remained at the scene and is cool rating with investigators. time is 5:03. san francisco international airport is dealing with a surge in homeless coming into its terminals, particularly late at night. airport officials believe many of them are arriving on some of the last b.a.r.t. trains of the night term nightnating at sf -- terminating at sfo. airport stats show contacts between airport personnel and homeless people have tripled in the last two years. the city wants b.a.r.t. to sweep its trains for the homeless before they arrived at the airport. the homeless seeking refuge
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at sfo is not a new issue. in september, 2017, a san francisco police officer assigned to the airport was attacked with a knife by a transient. the officer was badly hurt but survived the incident. police arrested the suspect, 64-year-old doris johnston. at the time, police told abc7 news its officers met some the late-night b.a.r.t. trains arriving at sfo to turn away homeless looking to enter the airport. severe weather continues across the south. a powerful storm system killed two kids in texas after a tree fell on to a car killing a 3-year-old and an 8-year-old. a man who lives nearby rushed to try to help. >> ran down there to see what was going on. that's where i noticed that the tree had fallen on their vehicle. i saw the signs of the tree and how it was on the car. i kboo you it wasn't a good outcome. >> there is an enhanced risk for severe weather for several states. here's abc's elizabeth hurr.
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>> reporter: a powerful storm across the south with millions in its path. several tornadoes touching down in texas. this large twister destroying multiple homes in the town of frankl franklin. >> there was someone in the trailer, and the trailer is completely gone. >> reporter: ripping roofs off some and flattening others. >> we lost half side of frank lylin, totally destroyed. >> the curfew is not to keep you from doing what you want to do. it's to protect your property. i need everyone to adhere to it and wait until morning. >> reporter: in the town of alto -- >> a tornado -- >> reporter: a similar scene. several homes damaged, trees and power lines knocked down and roads blocked by debris. >> like i say, we're focusing on getting people out of houses and make sure everybody's safe. as soon as we get that done, we'll start surveying the
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property damage. >> reporter: in san antonio, golf ball-sized hail pounded the city. the same storm system also produced this tunnel cloud in louisiana why torrential downpours left some roads under water. and as the dangerous storm continues to move east, the governor of alabama is activating the emergency operations center. elizabeth hurr, abc news, new york. in san francisco, witnesses say good samaritans chased a carload of suspected burglars in the outer richmond neighborhood. the chase ended with a violent crash at the intersection of 14th avenue and ka brill oh street. three other cars were involve of. two were parked. one was pushed into a doorway damaging a home. the people in the car being chased had just broken into at least one car. >> they were trying to take my carmaker. i like -- i said, you know, you -- they are working to the mix car and took everything. they got into the car and start running. >> police say several people were detained in the suspect's
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car, but others ran off and remain wanted. in the east bay the warriors took care of business defeating the l.a. clippers in game one of the first-round playoffs. it was a 121-104 victory. steph curry led the warriors with 37 points. luis pena has more on the warriors' final playoff run. >> reporter: the excitement and strength in numbers was evident. fans of all ages -- >> say warriors -- >> warriors! >> reporter: even those yet to be born showed up to cheer them on. you could basically give birth today. >> yeah. >> reporter: at the game? >> at the game. the lady shed i should be -- lady said i should be careful going down. >> reporter: 14-year-old naya traveled from southern california to sing the national anthem for her team. >> it just gives you a good
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vibe. especially all the fans. >> reporter: others brought out the big guns and dressed the part. what's going on sneer. >> this is the lucky jacket. my daughter got this for me five years ago. and i wore it -- started wearing it to games, and they won every game. >> reporter: these sean ticket holders say they have been patient even during the tough years. >> if we couldn't go to a game, we would try to give them for free to friends. they would say, honestly, why, why? it's hour team -- >> reporter: now what do you say? go now we say no, you can't have them. >> reporter: tony says he's seen a lot in the last decade. now he makes his own rules. >> i don't want another man's name on my back but my own. i'm the man. and there's another reason -- hlf the time these guys leave. >> reporter: what many fans want to see is -- >> three-peat, baby! three-peat. >> reporter: three consecutive championship wins. >> we need five rings for our hand, you know?
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>> reporter: if oakland, abc7 news. game two is tomorrow night at 7:30 at oracle arena. the series moves to staples center for game three. game four is in l.a. at 12:30 p.m. easter sunday. you'll see it here on abc7. if necessary, game five would be at oracle on wednesday, the 24th. game six would be in l.a. on friday, the 26th. and a game seven will be back at home on sunday the 28th. we'll have much more warriors coverage ahead in sports. we want to see your pride. post photos to social media using the hash tag #dubsonseven. you may see them on air or on our website, >> cute. we're starting out with cool numbers. fog at the coast. not as warm. live pictures around 50 degrees in san francisco. mid to upper 40s in the inland valleys. with a cold front on the way, that does mean rain and breezy winds. but we are talking about a big warmup.
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temperatures, the warmest we've seen all year coming up by the end of the week. next in the accu-weather seven-day forecast. >> thanks. also next -- problems continue on the richmond-san rafael bridge. the which investigating more reports of falling concrete on the aging span. caltrans is insisting the bridge is safe. plus, the giants' early morning post-game fireworks after the 18th inning marathon didn't thrill neighbors. what the giants and neighbors are saying about it. a little time wand nowfavorite people goeat denny's,y. $6.99 goes a long way too. you can get 2 eggs, 3 sausage links, 3 strips of bacon and 2 buttermilk pancakes all for just $6.99. the new meat lovers slam is here. see you at denny's. has been making folks feel right at home, with meals like homestyle country fried steak,
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in the north bay, police believe a young man was drunk when he drove his car into a 7-eleven store. no one was hurt. the store has closed until a
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building inspector can determine if it's safe to reopen. the 19-year-old dui student attends sonoma university, across the street from the 7-eleven. another driver says a chunk of concrete fell on their car as they crossed the richmond-san rafael bridge friday. it's the latest mishap. caltrans says the bridge is safe for the thousands who rely on it. more from cornell barnards. 580, check for concrete debris -- >> reporter: the which investigated another report of falling concrete on the richmond-san rafael bridge friday night. a woman driving eastbound on the lower deck told officers two baseball-sized chunks of concrete fell, chipping her windshield. >> there's workers out there tonight, possible concrete issue. have them reinspect everything. >> reporter: caltrans tells abc7 news after an inspection, there was no falling concrete. instead, it was a pothole mid span which likely kicked up debris. it's the third incident involving loose concrete on the bridge this year.
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in february, chunks of concrete fell from the upper deck to the lower deck, damaging a passing car. weeks later, more concrete fell from the upper deck leading to more lane closures and a lengthy repair job to replace 60 bridge joints. >> caltrans itself is said to be bay, it's not going to fall into the bay. but it's literally falling into the bay. >> reporter: many saying the span needs to be replaced. >> we need the bridge is failing. we need a new bridge and need a plan to build a new bridge when the toll revenue is available to build it. >> i honestly don't think about it, but maybe i should. i sure don't want a bunch of concrete falling on me. >> reporter: drivers say the richmond-san rafael bridge is their commuter lifelion. >> it's concern -- lifeline. >> it's concerning. i drive over it every day. it's fairly safe. >> reporter: caltrans says the bridge is safe and structurally sound. the pothole has been repaired.
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cornell barnard, abc7 news. police in san francisco say they haven't determined whether the giants committed any noise violation when their post-game fireworks show rattled some neighbors early yesterday morning. ♪ the giants tweeted this video at 1:11 yesterday morning -- you can blame extra innings for the show's late start. friday night's game tied a record for the longest game at 18 innings. at least two fans believe the show must go on despite what neighbors think. >> bands are out here expecting it. it's on a schedule. it's expected. actually, there was a time period as a kid, i remember a game in chicago going past 1:00 a.m., the saints got on the radio and did the fireworks themselves. i'm not too surprised. >> reporter: do you think it's a problem? >> it would be if it's every night. if it's occasionally -- >> reporter: the giants issued a statement saying, quote, we have initiated discussions to adjust
5:16 am
our fireworks policy, particularly under circumstances where game times run much longer than expected. we sincerely apologize for the disruption and anticipate having a new policy put in place before the next fireworks display. 5:16 on this sunday. in san francisco, opponents of a navigation center along the embarcadero held a protest before yesterday's giants game calling attention to the issue that's divided a community. >> keep it safe! keep it safe! >> opponents say the center would be a magnet for crime and don't want it to be built. supporters counter that it would provide badly needed shelter and resources for the homeless. the proposed center would open in this parking lot owned by the port of san francisco along the embarcadero. the center would have about 200 temporary bed and support services for homeless in the area. we're off to a mild start outside. lisa ardent tracking traffic for us good morning.
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good morning, we're looking at breezy winds along the coast and also that delta breeze is coming in pretty strong. that means a change for the weather today. fog is stacked up in part along the coast. we're looking at five-mile visibility half moon bay. a quarter mile in santa rosa. temperatures look like this -- numbers are in the upper 40s for you around hayward. 47 there. 489 in fremont. 51 in san jose and also fairfield. here's the exploratorium camera. a few clouds around. cooler and cloudier. rain returns for tomorrow. this system will be in play by the afternoon and the evening commute a big warmup by the end of the week. the warmest temperatures we've seen all year long. tomorrow rain showers, only in the 50s. so plan on a cool monday afternoon. then by tuesday, we're behind the system. winds are breezy. back to the 60s to near 70 inland. look, this begins the warmup on wednesday. upper 70s. it's still pretty seasonal
5:18 am
around the bay. wait until you see thursday and friday. we'll bring in the storm impact scale for tomorrow. looking at light to moderate rain. up to a quarter of an inch in most areas. we'll see occasionally breezy to gusty winds. we're already sighing the upper -- seeing the upper elevations have the gusty winds. through the day, notice a pretty decent day around with partly cloudy skies. as we get toward the latter half of the day, clouds move in through the overnight hours. the front, the first half of the day is dry for most of you, but the north bay getting wet through the lunch hour. by the afternoon and evening, here we are, 4:30. you see showers from the coast to the south bay, and lingering in the north bay. this will take us through the overnight hours. rainfall estimates throughout the day on monday right through 1:00. you see the north bay, a couple hundredths, then toward the evening hours, we'll see a quarter inch in san francisco up in calistoga and also about .1 to .15 around redwood city.
5:19 am
ben lohman bilking up .3 inch. it moves out of here quickly, and then we'll rebound with the temperatures in an offshore flow coming into play thursday and friday. highs today, breezy winds on the coast, 60 half moon bay. 62 in san francisco. mid 60s oakland. 70 in livermore. a nice afternoon. temperatures near average. and the accu-weather seven-day forecast look couing at numbers coming down significantly by tomorrow. then showers and rebounding to near average. the trend -- wednesday, thursday, friday, looking at highs from the upper 70s to low to mid 80s through friday. and even around the bay, the coast topping out around 70 on thursday. then looks like cooler weather arriving by the end of the week. you can always download the when minneapol app. there could be revenue gapd
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showers even through the rest of the month. we may not be done. >> you mentioned the changes coming tomorrow. we're feeling it today. thank you. abc is share being stories of inspiration in a weekly series called "more in common." discover an extraordinary workplace that empowers people with autism. >> i start work at least an hour before work. >> reporter: because you're excited to work? why would you get there an hour before you have to? >> i'm a very passionate individual. >> sometimes i see him in the car, i can come in here. sometimes he's here with the lights off. he wants to go. as an employer who wouldn't want to have ten of him? >> i have autism. that's why i'm not looking exactly at you. it's extremely uncomfortable. >> reporter: you've made a number of friends at work. >> i'v made quite a few who i can relate to in ways i can't relate with other friends. can you repeat that -- someone with disability, we produce a
5:21 am
product which is not only as good but is sometimes better. >> it's a badge of honor. you send it into the world and it shows what people with disabilities can do
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one of two people convicted in one of the state's largest contractor fraud cases is out of jail for time served, less than a month after being sentenced to one year in the county jail. the long process begins by victims to try to get their money back. here's 7 on your side's mikchae finney. >> reporter: the husband and wife plan to pay back all of their victims on the day of sentencing. some have already received money via chargebacks from their credit card companies.
5:24 am
documents indicate some $500,000 is still owed to the victims. meanwhile, constance gabrielle is already out of jail after getting credit for one year for time served. william gabrielle is serving a final two years of his three-year sentence in state prison. >> nice that they've been told to pay us back, but i don't think people will get money back. >> reporter: people like these paid with cash or check. the only way they and 34 other victims will get their money back is if william and constance gabrielle make good on their restitution. john and lisa did use their credit card, but chase bank declined the charge-back. they're the last-known victims who paid with their credit card but did not get a charge-back. >> i know they had fraugd protection. we had all of our information we thought was in line. and they turned us down for it. >> reporter: under regulations, credit card customers have 60
5:25 am
days to challenge a charge. after that companies are under no obligation to refund money, although many do for the same of good customer relationies. >> i went -- relations. >> i went to chase in per, and i felt alone. they didn't want to help me. >> reporter: john's wife lease gave her victim statement in february. we heard her plight and offered to give chase a call. >> i was like, am i hearing you right? i was like, he wants to help me? >> reporter: we contacted chase, notified them about the sentencing of the gabrielles. they promised to look into it further. >> when the check came in the mail, i cried again. i mean, it's -- this was money we worked for. this was -- we were putting into our home, our future. >> reporter: the couple asked that we not discuss how much chase returned to them, but it is significant. as for the remaining victims owed money, constants gabrielle -- constance gabrielle has been asked to repay through the s thr
5:26 am
clara tax department. ultimately it's up to each victim to go after the couple for restitution if they fail to pay. >> i'm not confident that i'll get money back at all. i don't see how they're going to pay back that much. >> reporter: the santa clara district attorney's office decided against appealing the sentence of william gabrielle. they had hoped the judge would give him a stiffer sentence but concluded an appeal would not be successful. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. the world's largest airplane took flight for the very first time. strata launch, a company founded by late microsoft co-founder paul allen, sent the twin engine plane into the air of the skies over the mojave desert. it will one day send satellites into low orbit around the earth. it has a whopping 28 wheels on the oversized landing gears.
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a mountainview attorney who says he's reinvented soda will try to sell to the sharks. he created luma 2.0 after drinking the high-calorie sugary stuff and diet drinks while preparing for trials late at night. he tinkered for months to create this all-natural, low-calorie soda with no preservatives and less than four grahams of sugar per 12-ounce serving. it has sold out on line. see if the sharks buy it tonight at 10:00 p.m. on "shark tank." still to come on abc7 mornings, pope francis celebrating palm sunday at the vatican. his message to the faithful. also, another effort oust mark zuckerberg as facebook's chairman of the board. why some shareholders aren't happy with the social network
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for unbeatable natnew nice'n easy.or. now in cream. 100% natural looking color. that lasts 8 weeks. gentle on your hair and scalp. with conditioning in every step. new nice'n easy cream. now nicer, and easier. thanks for waking up with us. we're looking ahead to changes in the accu-weather forecast.
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here's the current conditions where you live. lisa? >> that's right. springlike forecast today. we're starting out with some 40s and 50s. a little bit of patchy fog along the coast. those winds are picking up, as well. and that's going to bring in cooler air. right now, 50 san francisco. 46 santa rosa. 51 in san jose. the clouds along the coast, visibility issues right in the early morning hours. then we'll enjoy sunshine right on through 2:00. temperatures in the 50s and 60sment a few areas of clouds. the winds picking up in the higher elevations. look bhawhat happens throughoute avenue. clouds thicken in the north bay and sweep across the bay area by the evening hours. we've got a cold front on the way. we're tracking rain. i'll tell you how much and what to expect next time we see you. chris? >> thank you. an earthquake rocked the big island of hawaii last night. a magnitude 5.3 hit near the west coast around 5:00 local time. people reported strong shaking on parts of the island. the quake caused rockfalls along some of the highways there.
5:31 am
three aftershocks were recorded within an hour including a magnitude 3.0. there are no reports of injuries or major damage. a top democrat on capitol hill has set a new deadline for the irs to turn over president trump's income tax returns. congressman richard neal is they're of the house ways and means committee. he believes law enables them access to the returns. there's an extended deadline that had been set last week. the fight may wind up in court. east bay candidate eric swalwell announced he will run for president. the 38-year-old democrat says he intends to make gun violence a central issue in his campaign. swalwell has wasted no time hitting the train kpral. he set out -- campaign trail. he set out for florida and north carolina last week. the events starts at 2:00 at his
5:32 am
alma mater, dubling high school. so far there are 18 democrats running for president. cory booker held his campaign kickoff in newark, new jersey. he started there as a councilman and mayor. he will visit iowa and nevada this week. coming up, tim ryan, one of the latest democrats to jump into the 2020 presidential race, will discuss his campaign priorities. you can watch the full interview on "this week with george stephanopoulos" at 8:00 abc7. thousands are celebrating the bengali new year. this was the scene yesterday in daca, bangladesh. colorful floats and drummers filled the streets for a parade. the biggest cultural telephone. the new year is tomorrow -- cultural parade. the new year is tomorrow. families prepare a number of delicacies to welcome the new year. ♪ >> tens of thousands of people
5:33 am
filled st. peter's square for palm sunday mass. marks the beginning of holy week. pope francis blessed palm fronds and olive branches. in his homily, the won't warned against being too full of one's self. this after he vowed the church would never again cover up child sex abuse. to new details from minnesota. court records indicate the suspect accused of tossing a 5-year-old boy off a balcony in the mall of america had been banned twice from the shopping center. >> reporter: a 5-year-old boy fighting for his life after authorities say this stranger, 24-year-old emmanuel aronda, flu him from the third floor of the mall of america. >> we have a report on the south see side that someone fell from the third floor to the first floor. >> gut wrenching for everybody. >> reporter: the child plummeting 40 feet. >> he was limp, scoop -- and there was a pool of blood on the floor when they put him on the
5:34 am
stretchen. it was just a shock. >> reporter: the motive still a mystery. >> the suspect threw the child off of the third floor. but as to why he did that, it's still something we're looking into and trying to figure out. >> reporter: now disturbing new details from the suspect's past. arondo was arrested twice at the same mall in 2015. first for tossing an item over a railing, then for throwig a glass at an employee. he was temporary banned from entering the mall. >> in this case since the incidents happened in 2015, that trespass period has expired. >> reporter: witnesses say he took off immediately after friday's terrifying incident but was quickly taken down by police. >> he was located at the transit station in the mall of america. >> reporter: he's charged with attempted homicide. abc news, new york. the country's only all-male historically black college will begin admitting transgender men. moorehouse college in atlanta said the move is an important step toward a more inclusive
5:35 am
campus. students who were born as male but identify as women cannot enroll. the board approved the policy. it becomes the first stands-alone all-male college in the u.s. to adopt such a policy. facebook's activist shareholders will once again try to oust mark zuckerberg as chairman of the board. they're unhappy about recent scandals namely the spread of misinformation and privacy issues. they believe zuckerberg has too much power. it's unlikely such an overthrow will succeed since zuckerberg holds more than half of the voting pour. facebook has its -- power. facebook has its annual meeting on may 30th. on the peninsula, survives of a school shooting join -- survivors of a school shooting joined a local congresswoman to push for stricter gun lawmakers. we were at burlington high school for the town hall called "a conversation about america: stop the killing." jackie speer hosted the swen. two of the sfeerks survived last year -- survivors spoke after
5:36 am
surviving the shoot at parkland, florida. >> i think the biggest step to take is policy in action. >> congress is in principal 'tis because the n -- paralysis because the nra still has too much power. i'm shifting all of my attention locally. >> congresswoman speer is a survivor of gun violence herself. commuters began dealing with major changes along one of san francisco's busiest light rail lines. abc7 news was near ucsf medical center where crews were repaving streets along the muni metros and juneau line. strains are only running from the cal train depot to carl and hillway treats near ucsf. commuters must take shuttle buses to get to the beach. they hope to have light rail service running against in two weeks. 5:36. ahead on abc7, saving the most
5:37 am
elusive stone fruit. e secret orchard where a man is trying to preserve the agricultural legacy. as we head to break, a live look from the emeryville camera showing traffic along the brooklyn bridge moving nicely on this sunday. we'll have the complete pay area forecast in a few minutes.
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has been making folks feel right at home, with meals like homestyle country fried steak, grandma's sampler, and our signature chicken n' dumplins. so, come on home to what you love. come on home to cracker barrel. good morning, everyone. 5:39. we're taking a live look from the exploratorium camera pointed at the financial district in san francisco. you see the clouds moving by at the top of the screen, passing the sales force tower. we'll get a check of the full forecast coming up in just a little bit.
5:40 am
happening tonight, the sharks hope to take a one-game lead over the vegas golden knights in round one of the playoff series. the sharks will host a watch party on autumn street at san jose. festivities start at 5:30 this afternoon. there will be activities to benefit the sharks foundation along with a slap shot booth and food truck. you can bring your lawn chairs and blankets to watch the game on a giant l.e.d. screen. the best of seven series is tied at a game apiece. the puck drops at 7:00 p.m. at t-mobile reason. and in the south bay, conditions won't be too bad. blankets will come in handy. >> sun, partly cloudy, temperatures mild, in the 70s there. not as warm as yesterday, though. we are well into the upper 80s. the south beach camera looks quiet out there. temperatures in the low 50s over in oakland and concord and brentwood. 49 in the san ramon valley. fog, breezy winds, a few clouds, and yes, some rain all in my accu-weather seven-day forecast. a record-breaking night for
5:41 am
steph curry as they begin a request for a three-peat. i knew about the tremors. but when i started seeing things, i didn't know what was happening... so i kept it in. he started believing things that weren't true. i knew something was wrong... but i didn't say a word. during the course of their disease around 50% of people with parkinson's may experience hallucinations or delusions. but now, doctors are prescribing nuplazid. the only fda approved medicine... proven to significantly reduce hallucinations and delusions related to parkinson's. don't take nuplazid if you are allergic to its ingredients. nuplazid can increase the risk of death in elderly people with dementia-related psychosis and is not for treating symptoms unrelated to parkinson's disease. nuplazid can cause changes in heart rhythm and should not be taken if you have certain abnormal heart rhythms or take other drugs that are known to cause changes in heart rhythm. tell your doctor about any changes in medicines you're taking. the most common side effects are swelling of the arms and legs and confusion. we spoke up and it made all the difference.
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ask your parkinson's specialist about nuplazid.
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good morning, everyone. 5:42. hello to our friends in the south bay. this is a look from san jose, r highway 101. lisa will break the accuweather report down in a moment away. the as will wrap up a ten-good day roadtrip. oakland the face the rangers in arlington. yesterday's game was rained out. this afternoon, the giants will try for a four-game sweep of the rockies. first pitch at oracle park at 1:05 a.m. the warriors will be back in action against the clippers tomorrow at oracle arena for game two of the first-round playoff series. last night the division rainfalls squared off in game one. abc7 has the highlights in this morning's sports report. >> reporter: play is more intense and emotions more raw in
5:44 am
the nba post season. it's what the the yeas are worse have waited 82 human being season games for. game one of the opening series against the clippers delivered. trying to guard durant, yeah, he got frustrated. durant had fun. they both got ejected. dramon green had 13 of 17 points in the first quarter, took that from steph curry. the assist machine but here made the tough shot, gets the bounce. warriors up nine after one. latest comes alive in the second. look at lou williams. he's not looking. away from the hoop, lays it in, gets the two. they earlied in the half. -- rallied in the half. 42-15 the first two quarters. warriors closed the second on the run. curry had 12 of those. third quart, stefin one of his career-high 15 rebounds. finishes with the step-back three. just perfection. then curry does what he does so well. he can shoot from any distance as we know.
5:45 am
warriors led by 19 after three quarters. in the final frame, stef another rebound. gets it back, going to go for three of his 38. and that through means he passes allen for most in the playoffs. kevin durant a quiet 23, but he made a lot of noise on that one. warriors take game one 121-104. >> it's really hard to simulate what playoff atmosphere intensity's like until you get here. there's a different did you see in the arena, different buzz -- different buzz in the arena, different buzz in the locker room. you want to start off on a good foot. we did that. things we can do better obviously, but i had fun. guys are smiling, enjoying themselves. >> with all the threes tonight, stef has the most for the post season. >> i don't got that? >> there's still time. >> how did that happen? no, i'm never surprised whether it comes to anything with
5:46 am
stef and shooting the basketball. i don't think there's much argument when one says he's the greatest shooter of all time. >> stef's come through so often. and i get asked a lot, is this the best he's playing? it seems every year that's the question. is this the best he's playing? is this the best he's playing? been playing his best for about five years as far as i can see. >> the warriors/kings rivalry will have a new twist next season. espn reporting luke walton has grayed to a deal with germany -- agreed to a deal with sacramento that will make him the next head coach. he usually parts with lakers on friday. he worked as an assistant under steve kerr. the assistant wanted to hire walton a few years ago. they were teammates in 2004 and 2005. in baseball, giants/rockies. that's a great little way to travel. giants already up 2-0 in the fifth. kevin pillar, his fourth home run in a week.
5:47 am
makes it 3-0. then looking for the first win, he went seven innings, struck out seven. allowed two runs on six hits. not happy. giants have one three straight, 5-2 the final. as were rained on in texas on saturday. they will wrap up the series against the rangers at 1:05. bret anderson on the mound. the giants will wrap up their series with the rockies. first pitch 1,05 . auto -- 1:05. we'll bring you the results coming up. have a great morning. checking accu-weather forecast. today won't be as nice as yesterday, but overall not too bad. >> it is going to be pretty nice. partly cloudy skies, maybe the winds pick up from time to time. we have a cold front on the way. here's live doppler 7. and the stratus or fog, the low clouds filling in around the bay. we are looking at some big changes as we look at the week ahead. as we look at santa rosa, check it out. 70 for the high.
5:48 am
tomorrow, that's the cold front and the rain. only 54. we rebound on tuesday at 68. look what happens wednesday, 74, and then we're in the 58. the warmest days of the week throughout the area look to be thursday and friday with some 80s. the warmest we've seen all year. looks like another system heading our way into next weekend. as we look outside, you'll notice the clouds here in san francisco. we'll call it partly cloudy for everyone today. and with that, the clouds -- especially in the north bay, by the second half of the day, rain returning in the first half of th day in the north bay. the second half of the day the rest of the bay area. then that big warmup that we are anticipating say thursday into friday. 52 right now in con cords. 48 in san mateo. 45 santa rosa. fog here, breezy along the coast. upper elevations, the delta breeze getting going. and that means a cooler day for everyone. here's a look at monday. bay area-wide. 55 in petaluma. upper 50s red woods city. and just in the low 60s toward
5:49 am
the east bay. we get behinds that system, and we're looking at an offshore flow. temperatures will gaza strbegin rebound average on tuesday. by wednesday, everyone away from the bay, even around fremont in the 60s. this is just the beginning of a warming trend. as we bring in the storm impact scale, it's a one. a weak system, light to moderate rain. a quarter inch. not too bad for a mid-april late season system. the winds will be breezy. and the this is the way it's going to play out the rest of the day. fog along the coast. increasing clouds late. this is 4:00. the bulk of the day enjoying some sun, some high clouds. overnight, we've got the cloud cover. tomorrow morning, we're dry. this is lunch hour with the rain from sonoma to napa into marin. then the second half of the day, the evening commute, 4:30, 5:00 from the peninsula, san francisco, oakland, emeryville, down through san jose, wet. scattered showers through the
5:50 am
overnight hours. so rainfall amount, pretty uniform. from about a couple hundredths through the first half of the day. then everyone sees the rain, .2 to more around ben lohman and the coast. we'll take more rain. but that, of course, will bring in the pollen by the end of the week. higher counts. looking at temperatures today in the upper 60s in fremont, partly cloudy skies. oakland, 65 degrees. temperatures should be in the upper 60s on the peninsula for this time of year. palo alto about 68. 70 in san jose. overnight tonight, with the clouds, in the upper 40s. winds will be breezy along the coast. and the accuweather seven-day forecast, today, partly cloudy skies, 60s shoreline. upper 60s around the bay. low 70s inland. you download the accuweather app, a one on the impact scale. that's the only day of rain on monday. much cooler and breezy winds behind the system. we warm up nicely wednesday. thursday and friday, it feels
5:51 am
somewhat like summer around here. and looks like it's going to be cooler into next weekend. >> thank you. time is 5:50. building a better bay area can sometimes mean wrurning to your roots -- returning to your roots. that's especially known for the south bay, an area known once for its fruit trees. we take you to a secret orchard where one man is trying to preserve the area's agricultural legacy. >> reporter: the word apple carries different weight in present day silicon valley. the valley of heart's delight has remained. todd kennedy grows and sells rare fruit trees from an undisclosed orchard in morgan hill. alleged stone fruit trees that stood to be lost if he didn't step in. >> the oldest varieties are 800 or 900 years old. >> reporter: each tree a different variety. 880 according to kennedy. >> stone fruits are those that have pits in the center. they're peaches, nectarines, plums, plum-cots, cherries, even
5:52 am
almonds. >> reporter: you won't find them at the local grocer. when the state stations were being shut down, he collected several varieties for safe keeping. once funding returned to federal repositories, representatives turned to kennedy for plant material to grow at the and preserve new trees. >> certainly ten years ago at least half the national collections of the stone fruits, grapes and figs and varieties had come from this >> reporter: quite the responsibility for being kennedy's second job. >> in real life i'm a agricultural lawyer. >> reporter: the fruits of his labor available on line or in person at andy's orchard. a taste of history for the bay area and beyond. >> they don't have travel all the way through the united states or back in time even. you don't have to be here in the 1950s because we've kept the varieties alive. they're still here. >> reporter: in morgan hill, abc7 news. >> we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area.
5:53 am
share them by joining our better bay area facebook group. next, a special celebration at today's sunday streets in san francisco. we'll have all the details. tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power
5:54 am
to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
5:55 am
here are the winning numbers from the powerball drawing -- 4-27-32-36-49, the powerball ten. nobody picked all six. the wednesday jackpot goes up to $118 million. the winning numbers from the $35 million super lotto plus draw, 3-6-11-36-45, the mega number, 26. nobody picked all six in that drawing either. so wednesday's jackpot increases to $36 million. good luck. happening today in san francisco, another edition of "sunday streets." this time it's in one of the city's old evidence neighbors. new this year, "sunday streets" will present the first annual thai new year in little saigon in the tenderloin. there will be a southeast asian
5:56 am
food fare, lance forming the area into -- transforming the area into thai and vietnamese culture and the area as a whole. it goes from 11:00 until 4:00 this afternoon. next, police are investigating a hit-and-run crash in east oakland that left two people dead. we'll have the latest. also, rising numbers of homeless people at sfo. the security concerns for airport and b.a.r.t. officials.
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it's sunday april 14th. good morning and thank you so much for joining us. let's start with the accu-weather forecast. here's meteorologist lisa arden with live look at doppler 7. >> chris, the sun coming up in a little over 30 minutes. we have foot around the bay. along the coast, the san mateo coast and north bay. the east bay is nice and clear. temperatures in the upper 40s from san francisco, 48 in morgan hill. we're at 52 in mountainview and 51 in half moon bay. this is san jose. nice and clear start for you with numbers in the 40s to the north with the fog. concord checking in at 52. livermore at 47. your forecast calling for clouds. we'll call it partly cloudy throughout the afternoon. temperatures climbing through the low 60s around the bay. by midday, 50s and breezy at the coast. by 4:00 in the afternoon, it's a cooler day at the shoreline. gusty winds, but new


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